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Chamber Gala

2019 Chamber Gala Table Reservation
$465.00 USD

Buying a Table allows 8 people to attend the Gala.
Attendees can be friends, co-workers, clients etc.
Attendees do not have to be chamber members.

2019 Chamber Gala Table Sponsorship
$200.00 USD

Buying a "table sponsorship" allows the purchaser to display promotional items for their company on one of the tables at the Gala. 

Only one table sponsor is allowed per table, but multiple tables can be purchased by a single company.

2019 Chamber Gala Tickets (1 Pair of 2 tickets)
$120.00 USD

One set of two tickets to the 2019 Chamber Gala.

(For single ticket purchases, please see the single ticket item below.)

2019 Chamber Gala Tickets (Individual)
$65.00 USD

This item is for single ticket purchases.


Member App

Member App
$49.00 USD

Member App - for existing members as discussed in our meetings.